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According to Labour Force Survey and ComPsych studies, one out of two people under heavy stress declares the main reason is routine-workload. 


Slavery referes to working for freedom still shows itself in every aspect of life, today. People work on weekdays to be free on weekends, work for the entire year to be free for only two weeks, work almost fifty years to be free for something like fifteen years. People cannot focus on determining and experiencing their own purposes and dreams while having concerns on freedom and meeting basic needs like food, shelter or security.


We are against such an order.

We argue that this kind of monotone jobs must be performed by robots. Robots can show all their abilities with much more efficiency during working on these routine processes, sustain the basic need of humanity and bring in more time and energy to people while encourging them to discover more. 


We believe in a society comprised of people who have achieved economic freedom and thus focused purpose in life and we believe in a wise world where we have the work of passion and enthusiasm, not the obligation and every human being serves the humanity finding the inspiration that has been longed. 

So, AIA aims to develop and promote the use of AI-based software and robots for such an advanced and inspired humanity. 

Our association brings people who are working in AI industry, have passion about AI, can participate in an AI project together around AI-projects, worldwide. (or maybe universe-wide at the future.) It runs projects that provide people convenience on routine works, establishes international cooperations to support projects which carry the same mentality, creates an AI-based network that people, institutions, projects, and ideas can be fed and inspires new brains while creating awareness in the field of Artificial Intelligence with events.  


This is a fertile land that reveals projects and ideas; this is a hand that takes corrosive workload from society, this is an organization that creates awareness and value through inspirational activities and projects. 

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Association.


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